The owner of this website,​SATELIT PREMIUM GROUP Belgrade, is dedicated to protection and respect of your privacy. It is very important for us to provide conditions for proper use of this website without any fear that your privacy may be compromised in any way. In order to protect your privacy more efficiently, we recommend this statement which cites ways in which we use the data we obtained online. You can also make decisions on the method in which your data is being collected and used on our web portal.



On certain pages of this WEB portal, you can sign up for our online newsletters, or contact us via website for obtaining certain information. Personal information related to a certain person’s identity that can be obtained on these pages include: name, gender, e-mail address… 

On certain parts of our webpages, only the persons that provide the requested identifying information, or the persons that explicitly accept the conditions of access to pages, will be able to access those pages.



We can use the information that you provide about yourselves in order to fulfill your demands related to our products and services, to respond to your questions about our products and services and to provide additional information related to our products and services, including sending periodical information via email.

We can also use the information obtained via this WEB site for sending information related to our products and services published on some other WEB site in our ownership, taking into account that the information can be useful to you.

Obtained information that are not related to a person’s identity, we can use to improve the design and content of our WEB pages. That information enables us to personalize your use of the internet. We can also entirely use that information to analyze the use of our WEB portal. 

We can disclose information related to a person’s identity as a response to a legal proceeding, court order or summons to court.

Even though we take adequate measures to protect ourselves from unauthorized disclosure of information, we cannot guarantee that obtained information related to a person’s identity will not be used in a way that is contrary to this Privacy Statement. 

Ultimately, we will not use the information related to a person’s identity or transfer it if it is not obtained in the aforementioned ways, without offering you the option of dissociating from such use.​​


Certain pages of this WEB site contain links to other WEB pages, whose treatment of information may differ from ours. Visitors should read other Privacy Statements, considering we have no control over information that are provided or gathered by any third party.

Some pages of our WEB portal may use a renowned third party to represent or offer advertisements that you may encounter on those web pages. Our Privacy Statement does not cover the use of information that the third party or server may have obtained from you. ​​


In order to improve your experience on our WEB pages, some of our WEB pages use so-called «cookies». Cookies are text files that we store in your browser in order to save your interests. Cookies themselves do not disclose your e-mail address or any other information related to a person’s identity, unless you decide to disclose that information, for example, by registering on one of the pages of our WEB portal. However, when you decide to disclose information on our WEB page that is related to a person’s identity, that information can be linked to information stored in the cookie. We use cookies for obtaining information about the use of our pages (statistics) and for improving content and offer on our WEB portal. For instance, we can use cookies in order to adjust the use of our WEB pages for you (to recognize you by your name when you return to our portal), to save your password in areas that are password-protected, etc.
You have the option of preventing – disabling the use of cookies, by setting that option in your web browser. However, in that case it is possible you may be depraving yourself of using interactive content on our WEB portal.​​


Your personal information are secret and can be used only for fulfilling your demands, so it is our obligation to withhold your information from other parties, except in the event of legal investigation.

We have taken adequate physical, electronic and regulatory measures to secure and protect from unauthorized access, to preserve the safety of information and to correctly use the information that we obtain online.

In that regard, every piece of information that is voluntarily provided will be used only for the purpose for which it was given.​​


Messages and content that users post on any online forum, message board, or chat room, are not protected as confidential and may be accessible to others. In that event, you are responsible for the content that you put forward and you have to act carefully so as not to compromise your privacy.​​


Users under the age of 18 should not disclose their personal information to us, without a parent’s or caretaker’s consent.​​


The owner of WEB portal retains the right to change these rules, and changes are in effect once they are published on this portal. Your use of the WEB portal after changes implies your consent and their acceptance.​​


If you have any questions or doubts about protection on this WEB site, or enforcing of protection, you can contact us via e-mail or contact form.

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