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Hereby Camp Highlander informs you that the new rafting season starts soon and is now the best time to book a holiday! All those who booked with us before the season can get a discount on all arrangements. Also all the arrangements can be made according to your wishes and interests.

Whether you want to experience rafting on the river Tara, visit Mount Maglić, Trnovačko lake, or go to the deepest jungle in Europe - Perucica with exceptional waterfall Skakavac (72m high), Zelengora or perhaps to visit NacionAL park Durmitor, we are ready.

For whatever adventure you choose, you only need to visit our site www.highlandertim.com and choose the best deal for you, your family, friends and all those who want to relax in nature and recharge their batteries. We offer only local food, homemade bread and hot donuts, ham, young veal or lamb, veal soup,  trout FISH , KAJMAK CREAM, pie under the bell, cheese, honey and MUCH more. We Emphasize that you are always welcome to our beautiful nature, because we are not selfish and we want to share it with you !!! Special offers and lower prices we offer for hikers, students and large groups. More about us you can see on our website or on facebook www.highlandertim.com www.facebook.com/HighlanderRaftingTara?ref=hl 


You can contact us by phone at + 387 65 475 201 or by email highlandertim@hotmail.com choice is yours

We are waiting for you and see you soon!

Zlatibor280x170Zlatibor is located in the south-west Serbia, between mountains Tara and Zlatar. It covers an area of 30 km in length and a width of up to 15 km. The area is a gently rolling mountain surface, or plateau, with its highest peak Tornik, 1496 m. Zlatibor have a great diversity of relief, a large number of ecosystems and geomorphological forms.
It covers a vast complex of picturesque mountain pastures and meadows dotted with individual or small groups of old trees, white pine, or characteristic shallow slit winding creeks and streams. Surface area of impassable gorges, caves, pits and mixed forests of white pine, red pine, spruce, fir, beech, oak and other tree species.

Area Zlatibor inhabits 144 species of freshwater algae, 960 species of plants, 256 species of insects, 14 species of amphibians and reptiles, 150 species of birds and 54 species of mammals. For Zlatibor there are endemic plant species and animal species are present fishing boat, a Greek frog, Crested Tit, Forest lark, honey buzzard, dipper, otter, wolf and fox.
The Zlatibor region is famous for its folk architecture, culture and customs, rich and diverse ethnic heritage, widely famous cuisine, healthy food and beneficial climate, which is why the Zlatibor known as "air spa" and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia.
Zlatibor is in the process of protection, submitted by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia for the Nature Park of great importance.


Mokra Gora is located on the border between Tara and Zlatibor and on the border of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mokra Gora occupies an area of ​​approximately 55 km². Name of the village, the story says, by his aga Mustaj - beg from Priboj. They say that there WAS STAYING an army THAT was putting  eaw wood on fire, but they said: 'oh this is mountain so wet', so the name Mokra Gora is born from that.

The railroad that is over the mountain pass connecting Šargan Uzice and Visegrad, unique route, which seen from the air has the shape of the number eight, was called Sargan Eight. Built in 1925 and renovated in 1999. With a length of 3.5 km runs through impressive landscapes, and makes one of the attractions to be seen.

In Mokra Gora is located several dozen mineral springs. Due to the fact that Mokra Gora lies on one of the largest nickel deposits of rich iron ore operation in Europe, most sources has an extremely high content of dissolved ions. The most famous among mineral springs in Mokra Gora is called "White Water", or the eye of water, which has a high ph value of 11.5.

Film Director Emir Kusturica at the Mokra Gora, on the hill Mecavnik,  made the ethno village "Drvengrad".

Take one of our special packages, enjoy the "Club Satelit Zlatibor" and active holiday!

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