Mokra Gora


Mokra Gora is located on the border between Tara and Zlatibor and on the border of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mokra Gora occupies an area of ​​approximately 55 km². Name of the village, the story says, by his aga Mustaj - beg from Priboj. They say that there WAS STAYING an army THAT was putting  eaw wood on fire, but they said: 'oh this is mountain so wet', so the name Mokra Gora is born from that.

The railroad that is over the mountain pass connecting Šargan Uzice and Visegrad, unique route, which seen from the air has the shape of the number eight, was called Sargan Eight. Built in 1925 and renovated in 1999. With a length of 3.5 km runs through impressive landscapes, and makes one of the attractions to be seen.

In Mokra Gora is located several dozen mineral springs. Due to the fact that Mokra Gora lies on one of the largest nickel deposits of rich iron ore operation in Europe, most sources has an extremely high content of dissolved ions. The most famous among mineral springs in Mokra Gora is called "White Water", or the eye of water, which has a high ph value of 11.5.

Film Director Emir Kusturica at the Mokra Gora, on the hill Mecavnik,  made the ethno village "Drvengrad".

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