Zlatibor280x170Zlatibor is located in the south-west Serbia, between mountains Tara and Zlatar. It covers an area of 30 km in length and a width of up to 15 km. The area is a gently rolling mountain surface, or plateau, with its highest peak Tornik, 1496 m. Zlatibor have a great diversity of relief, a large number of ecosystems and geomorphological forms.
It covers a vast complex of picturesque mountain pastures and meadows dotted with individual or small groups of old trees, white pine, or characteristic shallow slit winding creeks and streams. Surface area of impassable gorges, caves, pits and mixed forests of white pine, red pine, spruce, fir, beech, oak and other tree species.

Area Zlatibor inhabits 144 species of freshwater algae, 960 species of plants, 256 species of insects, 14 species of amphibians and reptiles, 150 species of birds and 54 species of mammals. For Zlatibor there are endemic plant species and animal species are present fishing boat, a Greek frog, Crested Tit, Forest lark, honey buzzard, dipper, otter, wolf and fox.
The Zlatibor region is famous for its folk architecture, culture and customs, rich and diverse ethnic heritage, widely famous cuisine, healthy food and beneficial climate, which is why the Zlatibor known as "air spa" and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia.
Zlatibor is in the process of protection, submitted by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia for the Nature Park of great importance.

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