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We are proud to present “Klub Satelit”, a unique fairytale Zlatibor castle. We are here to provide you with a full atmosphere during your stay on one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia.

“Klub Satelit” is one of the most sought-after accommodation facilities on Zlatibor for both domestic and foreign guests. He has won numerous awards for the quality of work.

The three most important characteristics of the facility are luxurious equipment, unusually pleasant ambience and friendly staff that has so far hosted more than 20,000 satisfied guests. All apartments and rooms are uniquely decorated to meet the expectations of even the most demanding hedonists.

Satelit zimi


Zlatibor is an area of unique ecological, biological, cultural and aesthetic value, preserved landscapes, picturesque landscapes, meadows, pastures and centuries-old pine forests, with valuable objects of folk architecture, cultural and historical heritage and is recognizable for its health, tourism and recreational facilities.

Thanks to the specific climate and characteristic air currents, continental and Mediterranean, this area is considered an air spa. The so-called “wind rose” occurs on the mountain – the meeting of continental and Mediterranean air currents, which accelerate the healing and recovery from many lung and heart diseases, and especially diseases of the thyroid gland and anemia. Zlatibor boasts a large number of facilities, theme parks, numerous cafe restaurants, a ski resort, a cable car …

Vidakovići@Vidakovici Vidakovići
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Bravo!!! Veliki pozdrav i podrska za uspesan rad...
Braca Milanovic
Braca Milanovic@Braca Milanovic
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Jednostavno savrseno od usluge do ljubaznog osoblja,smeštaja i vrhunske hrane...vidimo se uskoro
Jelena Jeca Smailagic Petrovic
Jelena Jeca Smailagic Petrovic@Jelena Jeca Smailagic Petrovic
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Jedva čekamo u Vip 1da idemo u ime Smailagica kazem da se uvek radujemo odmoru kod Vas!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Pukovnik Djukic Goran
Pukovnik Djukic Goran@Pukovnik Djukic Goran
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Pošteno smo se ugojili kod vas 😁
Nikola Stevanovic
Nikola Stevanovic@Nikola Stevanovic
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Sjajni. Prelep odmor. Sve pohvale.
Marina Milanovic
Marina Milanovic@Marina Milanovic
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Predivno mesto i predivno osoblje nadam se da se ponovo vidimo ❤️ što pre 💓💕
Biljana Minovic
Biljana Minovic@Biljana Minovic
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Aco Crnojevic
Aco Crnojevic@Aco Crnojevic
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Najbolji ste Svaka pohvala za ljubaznost hranu smeštaj čista 10
Sladjana Jovanovic
Sladjana Jovanovic@Sladjana Jovanovic
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Sve pohvale. Bili smo u novembru Pisala sam Vam u inbox zelimo opet da dodjemo 🙂
Mila Radojčić
Mila Radojčić@Mila Radojčić
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Sve pohvale, hrana predivna, konobari veoma ljubazni, vrhunsko osoblje.Sve preporuke za klub Satelit.Bravo, dolazim ponovo.
Boško Živković
Boško Živković@Boško Živković
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Bio prosle nedelje, osoblje vrlo ljubazno, smestaj extra kao i hrana, spa centar odlican, sve pohvale i preporuka za sve👌
Ceca Šundovic
Ceca Šundovic@Ceca Šundovic
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I od nas sve preporuke...Bili gosti hotela dva puta,i opet ćemo 👌🍀
Daca Daca
Daca Daca@Daca Daca
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Najbolji 😀predivno mjesto usluga na nivou ❤❤❤👌👌👌
Goran Vukadinovic
Goran Vukadinovic@Goran Vukadinovic
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Extra mesto sve pohvale kuhinja top..